1. Why the need for the games?

Throughout the national club circuit, there has been an ongoing argument of which region boasts the most talent.  Now there can be one clear-cut winner of the discussion. Who has the best and most talented youth lacrosse players? It will all be settled at the University of Massachusetts on July 22-24.

  1. How does it work?

-We’ve taken painstaking effort to separate the US into 11 separate and distinct lacrosse regions.  Regional Directors, in association with Warrior Lacrosse representatives will seek out the most talented 2021-2027 graduates to compete in a national tournament to find out which region reigns supreme.

-Each region will hold a tryout directed by the Warrior AA Games Directors. The Regional Director will assemble a staff to evaluate all of the tryout attendees in a fair and unbiased setting. Some travel may be required for the tryout process as some of the regions are larger than others. Every player that tries out will be given a New Balance numbered reversible jersey, New Balance Performance Shorts that are theirs to keep regardless of the outcome of the tryouts. Players will also be allowed to supply game film or, Club Directors recommendation in place of the physical tryout if they are unable to attend.

-The top 88 Players from all regions will be selected for Grad Years 2021, 2022, and 2027 and split into 4 teams. The 2021 and 2022 Teams will be coached by current College Coaches.

-We have added a third scenario for Player Selection in 2019. If any player is seen at a MyLacrosseTournaments event and given an official invitation from a Warrior AA Diretor leading up to the 2019 Games that player will have 72 hours to accept their invitation.

-Once the teams are selected after the one-day tryout process, those that are invited to their regions’ Warrior All-America teams will be notified and given the opportunity to register for their team.  Each team will participate in the Warrior All-America Games at the University of Massachusetts from July 22-24.

-Upon check in at UMass on July 22nd each team will have 2 sperate practice times throughout the day. Players will also attend a welcome banquet BBQ and celebration on the campus of UMass.  Teams will begin their pool play competition on Tuesday, July 23rd.  Every team will battle it out in seeded playoff games on Wednesday, July 24th until a victor is crowned for each graduation year.

-The Coaches from each team will choose a Warrior All-America team at each graduation year. Players will be evaluated throughout pool play to see who will be named WAA at an awards ceremony on Sunday morning.

-The fee to play on the team will be $695. Last years tuition included all of the following:

  • Warrior Helmet
  • Warrior Custom Gloves
  • New Balance Cleats
  • Your choice of Warrior Head
  • Warrior Jet Pack Max Equipment Bag
  • New Balance Performance Socks
  • Game Uniform (Jersey & Two Pairs of Game Shorts)
  • Shooting Shirts (Home & Away Colors)
  • Custom Mini Warp