Team New Jersey




2019 Tryout Date: March 24th
Location: Middletown South High School


 2027-2028: 11:00-12:15

2025-2026: 12:30-1:45

2024-2023: 2:00-3:15

2021-2022: 3:30-4:45

Cost: $125

Players will have the opportunity to be selected through any of the 3 categories below.

1. Players are eligble to be selected for a Warrior AA team if they are given a Golden Ticket by one of the Warrior AA Directors. Golden Tickets will only be distrubuted at MyLacrosseTournament events. If a player receives a Golden Ticket they will be given 48 hours to register for the Games

2. Upon checking in and receiving your gear, you will be informed of your team assignment. You will practice with your team and go through competitive drills where you will be evaluated. Following the competitive team practice, you will play against other teams in your age bracket.

3.If a player is unable to attend his regions tryout Game Film or Club Directors Recommendation will be considered in place of the physical tryout.

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